Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment

Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment

What is SESA?

The Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment is a process that combines analytic and participatory approaches to: (a) integrate environmental and social considerations in the formulation of the REDD+ strategy (SESA’s strategic dimension) and (b) develop an Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) to manage the potential social and environmental risk and impacts of policies, actions and projects during the implementation of the REDD+ strategy.

The Expected Outcomes of SESA:

1. Rights

REDD+ strategy recognizes and respects rights to forest resources (including customary claims by forest dependent peoples).

2. Compliance

REDD+ strategy is social and environmentally sustainable through application of relevant international environmental and social safeguards.

3. Good Governance

REDD+ strategy is implemented in the context of broader good governance objectives including transparency and accountability.

4. Land-use Planning

Land use plans are responsive to the opportunity costs of forests and environmental and social sustainability.

5. Participation and Adequate Information

All relevant stakeholders have the opportunity to participate fully and have timely access to appropriate and accurate information.