About REDD+ Coordination Unit

The REDD+ Coordination Unit was established in March 2018 to coordinate all REDD+ related activities, promote collaboration between government agencies and facilitate multi-sectoral discussions that will lead to the development and implementation of REDD+ plans and strategies in Belize.

As a unit under the National Climate Change Office of Belize, the REDD+ Coordination Unit will work closely with the Forest Department, Department of the Environment, Ministry of Finance & Economic Development, Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Natural Resources and other government agencies, to ensure improved collaboration and better decision-making processes in the forest sector.

Institutional Arrangement

REDD+ Coordination Unit:

 Dr. Lennox Gladden 

Chief Climate Change Officer

 Mr. Eduardo Reyes 

Technical Advisor

 Ms. Karishma Misir 

Project Officer

 Ms. Cindy Orellano 

Procurement Officer

 Dr. Timoteo Mesh 

Social Expert

 Mr. Aurelio Sho 

Communications Officer

 Mr. Elodio Rash 

Indigenous Coordinato

 Mr. Luis Balan 

Junior Technician

 Mr. Sumeet Betancourt 

Junior Technician

 Ms. Mercedes Carcamo 

Junior Technician

 Ms. Edalmi Grijalva 

Junior Technician

 Mr. Kareem Reynolds 

Junior Technician